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Shauna Kabreah McKneely, better known as, Kalaya Tazanai is an independent singer-songwriter and Business owner of Kalaya Artistry from Oakland, California, born in February25th 1988. She is the eldest of 3 children, though they have different fathers (the 2 siblings from a previous marriage). Shauna was raised in the church majority of her life, and singing on the praise team for several years, along with being a member (formerly) of two gospel groups. In her sophomore year in high school, she, along with her fellow classmates, formed a jazz assemble called, Musically Inclined. They were part of a musical event at Skyline High School, was a musical guest in a local sports show, and won first place in a talent contest, which was placed at their high school, Oakland Technical HS. In 2009, Tazanai had portrayed Ella Fitzgerald in a play called, Celestial Celebration, directed by James Brooks. She'd sung A Tisket, A Tasket and Someone To Watch Over Me, and was one of the crowd's favorites. She'd done background vocals for local artists, including Michelle Jackson-Diaz's single, Everything's gonna be alright in2013. She'd collaborated with Bay Area artists such as, Dregan (2018) and Ramone Curtis aka Agerman (2016).Shauna has a lot of music influences, however, the top artists are Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Mali Music, Jazmine Sullivan, Chrisette Michele and Emily King.Though she has the capability to sing all 3 vocal parts, Shauna's vocal range is mezzo-soprano, with a distinct, clear, jazzy, yet soulful sound. Her genres are Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz and Neo-Soul. Shauna Ka'bri Tazanai wants to be one of the women to set a standard. In a world of women being sexualized, she wants to show modesty, elegance and carry herself royally, yet humbly; what is described a virtuous woman, which is the reason why she'd changed her to Tazanai. Her purpose is to see women, particularly, her fellow Israelite women, their worth, and to, overall, spread the history of her people in music, so they too, be awaken.

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